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Artist Name: AERIK KYLO

Who are you?

I’m a rap artist and electronic music producer on a mission to create shamanic magic mystical music. Ghetto House with honest lyrics about my journey, and how I’m hell bent of thriving despite what I’ve been through – and leave with more light than I had when I came. The sound is house music infused with 90s breakbeat stabs. And the lyrics , are infused with spiritual and esoteric references, address mental health with the intention to empower whoever can benefit from them.

Where are you from?

I’m from the Arctic, where in winter the sun never rises and in the summer the sun never sets. The Lofoten Islands, Norway, is where I produce my music. It’s one of the world’s most strikingly beautiful locations, due to its extreme nature, often referred to as the real world version of the Lord of the Rings. I’m part of a label with 12 artists from the islands, with music across EDM, rap, R&B and urban pop music. It’s a small and exclusive music production scene, pushing out world class music from the edge of the earth, up north.

How can we follow you?

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Song Title: The Phoenix Rising (Seeds of the Sacred Tree)

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