Boss Money Fresh

by | Jan 15, 2023

Published by The Supreme Team on January 15, 2023

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Artist Name: Boss Money Fresh

Who are you?

I'm more of a versitile artist i can rap in any style , I enjoy making music that has alot of substance and a message in it, i talk about every day life what's going on in my city the struggles the pain the killing the things alot of people are rapping about but i'm more so trying to put out a positive message behind every song. I also make club music hustlers music motivation type music. I'm one of one with this music stuff.

Where are you from?

From Detroit Michigan , the music scene is popping off in the midwest we have tons of artist that's getting major attention and getting major deals with big record labels, To name a few Tonetone , Payroll Giovanni , Sada Baby , Peezy , Icewear vezzo , Babyface Ray and more. We the city that don't get enough credit for making cartiers (buffs) famous different artist from other cities started wearing them because Detroit made them known and popular. We have our own unique sound when it comes to making music.

How can we follow you?

follow me on all social media platforms Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Spotify , Soundcolud , Youtube , Bandlab , Bandcamp , Rapchat , United Masters. Search Boss Money Fresh Bossmoneyfresh1 Bossmoney_Fresh

Song Title: In My Feelings

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