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by | Jun 9, 2024

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Artist Name: Chucky Chuck

Who are you?

Chucky Chuck has been an underground legend and fixture in the scene for decades. Known for his lovable personality, comedic punchlines and THC fueled rhymes, Chucky Chuck has been a part of creating the West Coast underground hip-hop movement and the "don't give a fuck" lifestyle that surrounds it.
Gaining fame as a member of the rap collective Kottonmouth Kings, Chucky Chuck became a significant figure in the Orange County, California stoner rap scene. His contributions to the group and his unique style helped solidify his reputation in the music industry.
Chucky Chuck created the Southern California punk-hip-hop misfits DGAF featuring original Kottonmouth Kings frontman Saint Dog, his brother Big Hoss, Chucky Chuck and Gillies. The group recently released their self-titled debut album through Suburban Noize Records. The group's sound was hailed as a modern day mix of the Sex Pistols punk-rock attitude crashing head on with the street hip-hop of N.W.A.
After doing a couple solo projects, Chucky Chuck banded together
with fellow underground powerhouses Insane Poetry and The DRP to record a record under the moniker of The Nomadz was released under Force 5 Records. The album flexed some THC-infused raps over some breezy production.
After the pandemic turned the music world upside down, Chucky Chuck banded together with former Kottonmouth King Johnny Richter and fellow Suburban Noize alumni Obnoxious in the King Klick. The trio instantly bridged the gap between the new school and classic era' of Suburban Noize Records to record a hip-hop record that would unite the fans and write the next chapter in the legacy of the label. The King Klick album would go on to garner more than a million streams, which led to a co-headlining slot on the Underground Alliance Tour with Blaze Ya Dead Homie.
During that span, Chucky Chuck went viral garnering the attention of TMZ, Consequence of Sound, and Fox News when he performed at a California music festival shooting an infamous Cannabis cannon to hotbox the entire audience. The cannon smokes out the whole building as they proceed to fire up a whole pound.
Now Chucky Chuck has become a full-time member of the Kottonmouth Kings alongside Judge D, Taxman, D-Loc as the new iteration of the legendary West Coast hip-hop collective; as-well-as preparing to launch a new project in promotion of a healthier, 420 only lifestyle called, 'Sober-ish'.

Where are you from?

Redondo Beach, Hip hop and OG Rap.

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Song Title: Times Up

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