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High energy.

Where are you from?

Young up coming Dj Raven is known for playing his various genres of music including : Drum and Bass, Techno, Psy-Trance and Reggae,
Raven has been featured playing at many various festivals across South Africa including, Elysium, Indigenous Frequency, Butter Fly Effect, Afrika Burn, So-Psy-iety, White Rabbit and Smoking Dragon. Malakyte Raven Tor Lithgow Aka Raven was born and raised in the Midlands KwaZulu-Natal. Having been exposed to music at a young age, having been taught by his father Malakyte quickly learned to Dj at the young age of 8. He has since slowly grown and found his love and passion for music on an even deeper level.

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Instagram: Malakyte_Lithgow

Song Title: DnB Short Mix

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