krillon the baptist

by | Jan 17, 2023

Published by The Supreme Team on January 17, 2023

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Artist Name: krillon the baptist

Who are you?

I'm just a voice and an inspiration to those around me. I'm hope. When you listen to me, I make you feel as if you can do it too. If someone as down to earth and simple as he is can make this sound good, maybe I can too. I make you feel free. I'm just that feeling, those around me proclaim, but to me, I'm just doing what I like, and what sounds good to me. I'm a lifestyle. I'm an innovator but doesn't stray from what's familiar either. With no ego, I feel like I've helped make a sound, with a little exposure I feel I'm putting an entire life span to the forefront. I would be putting everyone on where I'm from and bring back life to the dreaded life people claim to have in Columbia. I make you remember there's good in the world. In conclusion, an artist who helps put you in your own world without feeling like something or someone can stop that.

Where are you from?

Where I'm from no one makes it, no one has a chance, you get a job, you get a wife, you get kids, then those kids repeat. Or, you don't do anything with your life. To me, those are both the same things. Life without substance is the core of where I live, not a lot of things happen here. Columbia, SC. Trust me things go down here too, and a lot behind closed doors because of the wasteland becoming normalized. People are walking zombies here through my eyes and they will take the life from you if you don't keep yourself protected and well connected.

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Song Title: "HOOD FAMOUS"

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