Manny Da Prince

by | Jan 9, 2023

Published by The Supreme Team on January 9, 2023

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Artist Name: Manny Da Prince

Who are you?

One way I can describe myself as an artist is "experimental". I try out different fields other than vocals. I've started getting into production and released my first beat on Soundcloud. I also have tried out different genres such as R&B. I just wanna give as much of me as I can through the world

Where are you from?

I was born in Nigeria and migrated to Alberta, Canada in 2016. The music scene over there is not really known for hip hop, But I have been able to surround myself with a community of musicians.

How can we follow you?

You can follow me on Instagram, Soundcloud, and TikTok

Song Title: Lofi Manny

Listen to Manny Da Prince: