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Published by The Supreme Team on January 16, 2023

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Artist Name: noahsamaj

Who are you?

I am a producer and writer. I produce hip hop, trap, r&b, pop, and country. Making music is the purest artform I've ever known. I'll be making music till the day I depart. If I never make a dime from my music it's all good cause It's the "Sweet Science" of making music I love the most.

Where are you from?

I'm from Philadelphia, Pa. The music scene is always poppin' and is filled with many talented artists, and rare hidden "GEMS". Shout out 2 Cassidy, AR-AB, DarkLo, Beanie Segal, Oschino, and Gillie (Philly's Finest)

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow me and listen to my music on

Song Title: Flawless

Listen to noahsamaj: