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Artist Name: Troop247

Who are you?

Troop247 is an artist inviting u to a full display of raw emotion and genuine energy. He's highly relatable and whenever he speaks to the rhythm of his heartbeat the thrill is intoxicating and life changing.

Where are you from?

Troop247's Break out Hit singles Long drive to New Orleans and 100dayz100nightz (free kcb3) landed him the much needed and well deserved recognition being instant hood classics landing him co-signs from hip hop heavy weights from all parts of the world from drake to peezy to doe boy.
Growing up in Los Angeles to two drug addicted parents in Martin Luther King Jr. hospital in the midst of LA riots. Troop247 was literally born in chaos. This had multiple effects on him as he is an only child with parents who were loners themselves left him on the streets to fend for himself. going to schools all across LA, growing up in places from south central to Hollywood around all walks of life and cultures. La gang culture is intoxicating though. and once it has a hold it's grasp is nearly impossible to reverse. Once Troop turned 13 he was stealing to feed himself. this behavior escalated rapidly due to not having any help and no time to build anything all u can do is run to the flames lookin for he light.
This led to multiple stints in numerous correctional facilities ranging from central juvenile halls, camp, and prison all together a combined 17 years of time given to the system.
But during the last Troops life finally caught up and the judge handed him 20 years at the age of 19 for Burglary. Actually 8. But during this time Troop found himself lost. As an outlet music kept his mind from deteriorating and turned into his savior. While incarcerated,Troop studied the law and on his own got his case overturned after being denied 8 years straight.
After being out 2 short months Troop247 has taken LA by storm.
Talk about the storm before the glory! 🌮🌮🫡🫡😶‍🌫️
Troop is the embodiment of being rich starting in your soul. u can be anything is a euphemism in which the All Rich Azz Bangerz are spreading threw music. Gangsta Rap is Back. We Is LA part 1….out 12-14-23

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Song Title: U can b anything u want

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