How Much is SoundCloud $16?

by | Jun 14, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on June 14, 2024

SoundCloud $16 likely refers to the monthly cost of the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan, which is approximately $16 per month. This plan offers a range of features that can be highly beneficial for artists and creators looking to maximize their presence and monetize their content on SoundCloud.

Unlimited Upload Time

One of the primary benefits of the Pro Unlimited plan is the ability to upload an unlimited amount of audio. Free users are limited to 3 hours of upload time, which can be restrictive for prolific creators. With Pro Unlimited, you can upload as much content as you want, without worrying about hitting a limit.

Advanced Analytics

Pro Unlimited users gain access to detailed analytics, providing insights into who is listening to your tracks, where your listeners are located, and which tracks are most popular. This data can be invaluable for tailoring your promotional strategies and understanding your audience better.

Monetization Opportunities

The Pro Unlimited plan also opens up the possibility to join the SoundCloud Premier program, allowing you to monetize your content. With this program, you can earn money based on the number of plays your tracks receive. Meeting the eligibility criteria for the Premier program requires consistent engagement and a significant follower base, but the Pro Unlimited plan is a necessary step in that direction.

Replace Tracks Without Losing Stats

Another useful feature is the ability to replace tracks without losing the stats associated with them. This is particularly beneficial if you need to update or improve a track without starting from scratch in terms of engagement metrics.

Enhanced Profile Control

Pro Unlimited users can pin up to 5 tracks or playlists to their profile, ensuring your most important content is always visible to your audience. You also have more control over comments on your tracks, allowing you to manage your profile more effectively.

Priority Support

Subscribers to the Pro Unlimited plan receive priority support from SoundCloud, helping you resolve any issues more quickly and ensuring your profile runs smoothly.


At approximately $16 per month, the Pro Unlimited plan is a cost-effective investment for serious artists and creators. The features and benefits provided can significantly enhance your ability to grow and monetize your SoundCloud presence.

Overall Value

In conclusion, the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan offers extensive features for a monthly fee of around $16. With unlimited upload time, advanced analytics, monetization opportunities, and enhanced profile control, it provides excellent value for artists looking to expand their reach and income on SoundCloud.

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