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Published by The Supreme Team on June 20, 2024

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Artist Name: Ersatz

Who are you?

I'd describe myself of a more reserved artist. I create yet hold so much. I tend to get on the mic, speak my thoughts, and hold it. I don't post too much but just enough to feel comfortable. I enjoy making music, don't get me wrong. It's just the thought and constant effort of posting to be known. I hate the idea of fame, but the idea of money sounds better. Now, I don't mean that I only create for money, it's more of a positive on top of getting to know so many people, creating so many new songs to express whatever, and getting to just have a good time with people who enjoy my songs.

Where are you from?

I'm from Vermont. Not many artists in Vermont are currently on my sound as of right now but as far as the music scene there's a few good artists. The artists I genuinely enjoy that are in my area got to be, Obi The Voicegod, Rivan, Flywlkr, and Northave Jax. They all have their own sound yet find a way to deliver well. Looking forward to collaborating with these artists in the potential future.

How can we follow you?

They can find my music on SoundCloud and they can figure out socials from there. @lvrsknightmare

Song Title: Pocket Change

Listen to Ersatz: