NFL Rochi

by | Jun 22, 2024

Published by The Supreme Team on June 22, 2024

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Artist Name: NFL Rochi

Who are you?

I’m really set on music production and being an artist as my career. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was eleven years old. As an artist I love to keep my records as authentic as possible. My lyrics are always crafted from a real life situation or story that took place in a time of my life. I spent days and had tons of nights I didn’t sleep just to produce each track to where I wanted it. My family witnessed the sweat, blood, and tears that I embedded into all of my records.

Where are you from?

I’m from West Texas, shout out to Plainview. The music scene there is more underground, not to many people get to move out of there. But I’ve worked with very talented artist that should’ve made it out, but over there once your in the game your in the game.

How can we follow you?

I’m on 200 plus streaming platforms, Iheart Radio, Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify, Sirius XM, you can literally search my artist name on google and all of my content and records will show up with links to every store that my music is available on.

Song Title: Long Nights

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