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Published by The Supreme Team on June 23, 2024

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Artist Name: Phemyfere

Who are you?

I am a gospel artist, I play trumpet along with singing, had work with many artists both local and international e.g buchi "ragge man" demola olota, ibitayo jeje, Lionel Peterson etc.

Is has been a calling on me to inspire, motivate, worship God through my music, I had released couple of singles "Son of God", Hallelujah, Lion of Judah just to mention few.

The assignment is to blessed the world through divine Grace God has giving me.

Its a path you won't regret.

Where are you from?

I am from Lagos, Nigeria… Making music, producing and promoting music here is tough. This is a nation we are blessed with creators, finding it hard to develop yourself.

How can we follow you?

Song Title: No Other Name

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