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Published by The Supreme Team on December 6, 2023

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Artist Name: Troop247

Who are you?

100Dayz100NigHtz is a story of a war that haunted Los Angeles. This was fueled by LA gang culture ego and just plain sliding J.O.B shit.! (free kcb3) is a campaign that was started on behalf of those incarcerated and falsely accused and is a stand against mass incarceration. kcb3 was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted by a court only out to make an example out of anyone who can't afford his innocence. When it's good for them there there but when it's not in there best interest loyalty is up in smoke. This song is the factual depiction of gangland activities and the cause and effect of those decisions.
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Where are you from?

I'm from los Angeles. Q well known city in which the music scene is lit. Ohgeezy, kalan frfr, ice cube, drakeo, Snoop Dogg, blueface, and many more.

How can we follow you?

Check out Troop247 on #SoundCloud Instagram @richaZzfrye

Song Title: U can B anything U want

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