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Artist Name: Z'quavious

Who are you?

As an artist, I'm diverse and versatile. You receive a lot of hate when going a different route trust me I know how it is, but that just means you're even more destined for greatness. God gave you that vision specifically for you, so it's not for others to see. I'm confident and dauntless when it comes to being myself and trying new things or diving into different genres. I'm a big advocate for mental health, so I mostly write relatable songs and want to connect with fans and supporters. The better I am connected with my fans and audience, the better the experience they will have when listening to me, because I want my music to be a guide and inspiration for generations to come. My music will be a safe haven for those feeling like an outcast by society. My favorite artists of this generation are: Juice Wrld, XXXTENTACION, and Willow Smith. If you see how dedication and connection they had with fans, then you'll see where I've taken my inspiration from.

Where are you from?

I'm from Paris,Tx but is currently based in Port Arthur, Tx. The music scene in Port Arthur is diverse, but it is also known as, "The land of the trill" and is also known for the great Pimp c, who forever changed hip-hop in the south.

How can we follow you?

I am on all streaming platforms and one of the best ways to reach me, is to message me on Instagram @zquavious13
I also have a clothing brand/merchandise line that promotes mental health, shop zquaviousclothingco.net

Song Title: this can't be happening…</3

Listen to Z'quavious:

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